This is a true story that happen on me yesterday, 3rd March.

That day was a beautiful Saturday yet, the sky drizzle in the afternoon. But I barely breathing, cause I’ve a mid term test in the afternoon, and I didn’t do so well. Well, I digress. It start from after I finished my test, I leaved the campus and walk to the roadside for waiting public bus , not more than 5mins the bus (Metrobus, one of the popular public bus in KL) was arrived and I walked in and find a spot to sit. On the half way, a man in red shirt come and collect money for the bus, so I try to grab my coin inside my jean’s pocket. You know, my jean’s pocket is so tight, and I can’t take my coin without pull out my wallet, and finally I paid for the ride. And the crucial part is here, I forget put back my wallet into my jean’s pocket (This is not first time I did it.), I put it “on” my bag instead.

When the bus arrived my destination, I stand up and walk out from the bus, I think that time is when my wallet fallen at the bus. After I walk out, and I start to search my wallet, at that time I can’t believe that I cannot found anything look alike my wallet, and my first thought was “My wallet might fall at bus”. The bus was departing, and I start to chase the bus like a crazy man without thinking anything. Because afternoon have a drizzle, I’m holding an umbrella, carrying a beg and chase the bus. While I chasing the bus all my dirty word was come out through my mouth, even worse I’m wear loose jean and after chase for awhile my  bootlace loose also. AH! After I chased to bus like 200m, the bus almost disappear from my sight,before the bus disappear from my sight I try to remember how the bus look like, unfortunate the bus was too far I can’t see it’s bus plate, this lesson teach me human never win the mechanic, that’s why human inverted them.

I’m so pissed off, and my next thought was “I should wait the bus turn around, so maybe I can found my wallet.” so I walked across the street and sit at the bus station waiting the “bus” come. I’m so sad and my phone was out of credit, Sh*t… then I try to call my mum so she can help me to top up my phone, then I try to borrow phone with other but they seem no that nice they said their phone also out of credit. Then I realize I still have some coin along with me, so I used public phone to called my mum to top up my phone and I told her my wallet was missed, I’m glad she didn’t not piss at me.

While waiting the bus “turn around”, I utilized social network’s power. I posted a status at Facebook, told my friend that my wallet was lost hope anyone might found my wallet and return to me. I’m very glad lot of people are concern bout’ me. I’m still piss off during waiting the bus, and my mind can’t think anything. I’m not concern about my wallet or even the money inside, what I care is my IC, driving licence and my ATM card inside.

After about 2 and half hour, and it is 7:30p.m. night, I finally saw the bus I was sat just now, then I quickly asked the bus driver did they saw my wallet? but the answer is        disappointing and expected, NO. Then he ask me when I lost my wallet and when I take this bus. My last hope was gone, my wallet may disappear from the world forever. I didn’t want any money with me just some loose change, so I called my friend to lend me some money so that I can take bus to police station to report my lost wallet.

My another friend was followed my to police station, that’s was my first time went to a police station. And the police just asked simply question and my a police report to me for ease of making new IC , license and so on.

After report my lost wallet, I just have a dinner with my friend and back to my apartment. Pretending nothing was happen and browsing Facebook, a friend of mine was showing his concern about what happen to me, and we start chatting through Facebook, and suddenly out of the blue, he said his friend maybe was found my wallet. That is the most excited news I heard on that day. And after a while his friend text me and said he found my wallet and told me come and get from him. When I met him, he return back from my wallet, and that my lovely wallet, but the cash inside was gone. He said my wallet was a bus driver hand up to him, the bus driver found my wallet when he is tidy the bus (Which mean that time when I went to the bus asking about my missing wallet, my wallet is still in the bus.) and the bus driver saw my friend’s friend is same university with me so he pass the wallet to him, and the cash in my wallet may took by someone who work at the bus, I guess. When I take back my wallet,  fortunately some of my cash was still in there, because those cash I was hidden in some “secret” in my wallet. But the most greatest thing is all my IC and stuff still inside my wallet.It is really lucky that I can found back my wallet, I would like to thank my friend Teng Kang Xian and his friend, oh and Facebook. What I learned from this is do all your effort to get what you want, you don’t know which part you made is the crucial part before you know the result so do it all. If I didn’t wait the bus turn around and ask the bus driver, he would not know I’m lost my wallet and which University I from so that he can pass the wallet to my friend’s friend. And If I’m not post my status at Facebook regarding I lost my wallet, my friend wouldn’t know I lost my wallet and can tell me that his friend was found my wallet. And Last keep you wallet SAFE.

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My weakness, English

From my title above, you can predict this post might have a lot of grammer, structural, and etc mistake, so I beg your pardon first.

I have been learn English since I was 5 start from a,c,b , until now I have spent 75% of my lifetime to learn English but ironically, English is still my weakness. Yeah I admit that learning languages is not my gift, and I’ve difficulty in learning languages but it is not excuse. Language unlike Mathematic, Mathematic have formula and you know how it work, you be able to the the Math question, but language you have to know all the structural, grammer, arrangement and so on, it is not an easy task.

English not my native language, is second language instead. My native language is Chinese, other than that I also learn Bahasa Malaysia, so basically I know 3 languages but I can speak 5 languages, I know speak Chinese, English, Bahasa Malaysia, Cantonise, and Hokien. The other reason my English is so weak is because I have less opportunite to use English in communication cause almost all my friends and my family are using Chinese to communicate with me. The most I used English to communicate is when intrapersonal communication. Ya, is intrapersonal communication… which mean I’m talking to myself by using English, ya it is one of the way to train my English speaking skill but it is not very effective because you always know what the meaning you trying to said, so even I can speak fluent English to myself is useless. other than that I’ll always seize the opportunite to speak English, like to my lectural or order food in restaurant, I’ll try to speak English as much as I can.

Even I were learned English like 15 years, but the first 13 years is like learning nothing because I’m too arrogant. Always think that English is not important so I put less effort to learning English, and thought that my English is good enough until I went to University, I realize my English is like a bullshit just primary school standard or maybe less. So from that time I start to put much efford to learn ’em now is getting much more better, but it seem not good enough yet espcially the sentence structural and grammer.

So, I really hope anyone of you that can share your experiences, and share your little secret to boost you English level, I do really hope to get my English well.

Feel free to leave any comment below, PUNCH!

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I will miss you, Nina.

Today I’m happy and sad, happy is because one of my favorite Youtube’s channel, Geofg is uploaded his latest video. Geofg is an ordinary guy from California, US and now he is a high school teach at Japan . Originally, He upload video  at Youtube is purposely for his family and friends in US to watch his daughter, Nina living in Japan.

Couple months ago, I accidently watched one of the Nina’s video from Youtube, I found out that Nina is an adorable, innocent, and smart kid. And I subscribe Geofg’s Youtube channel to watch Nina’s latest video, his videos are inspire and motivate me, I do enjoy every video his make.Every time I feel down or unhappy I’ll watch Nina’s video, it make me smile again. Nina is a 6 years old girl from Japan, her father is American while her mother is Japanese. She love bug, swimming, and ice-cream( This is base on my observation.) her father, Geofg was started film her while she is 11month mainly for Geofg’s family and friends watch.

Now, Nina has lot of fans around the world and her Facebook’s fans page have 3000+ likes and Geofg’s Youtube channel have 17,000+ subscriber.

Where Nina is getting older, her parents are worry about the negative effect and their privacy issues that might affect Nina’s and their daily life when Nina is becoming a public figure. And Geofg had said before that they will stop film Nina when she enter elementary school. But today, his latest video “Six Years With Nina” , he mention that he was discussed his wife to keep Nina in low profile so that Nina can have an ordinary life. And they decided they will stop film Nina today onward and  “Six Years With Nina” might be the last video.

I’m stun when I hear this news, because I really hope I can able view more Nina’s video. But I know Nina’s parent are doing this for her own good. She is a amazing girl I ever seen, I swear.

I think I wouldn’t never ever found a girl like Nina, she is precious. Geofg’s video are inspire me to have a good relationship in family even I haven’t married yet, but I hope I can do better like Geofg and his family when I get married. I will miss you, Nina.

For you to view Nina’s video you can go Geofg’s Youtubechannel:http://www.youtube.com/user/geofg

Nina’s Facebook’s fans page:http://www.facebook.com/pages/We-Love-Nina-in-Japan-from-YouTube-3/117277348309219

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My new update, September 2011

I have been stop updating my blog for a while, it is because I have examination to go through  and a lot of stuff to do. And ya, my examination is officially end, I am so happy about that, but at the same time I kinda feel worry about that too.

Why I am said so, before exam I am totally enjoy my vacation and it so call as the study week, of course I am rational so I am controlling my self during the vacation to ensure I am not playing too hard on that, I also study during the so call vacation though. But it’s only work for few days before after that i felt my passion is getting off. And finally you guess what, I am totally playing hard on that disregarding my examination is on the corner.

Before a week exam I return to my hostel, ya a damn bored hostel. I know if I am keeping going play like that hard my exam is high probability fail or something.  So I started revision on my subject but still feel low mood. Damnit how can I do that!

And finally the exam is really approaching, I still like I lose my passion for study already my mind is only about the break after exam, and I was already planed the schedule for my break. Oh man it is damm perfect.
Thus I deserve what I did, during exam even I felt I already done enough revision about the subject but everything is not as what I expect. Ya I’m not doing very well, but also not the worse.

Final subject on the exam is done on the afternoon just now, Yahoo~ how come I can’t feel any excited about it, I really pray that my cgpa can maintain 3.0 and above that’s all I need.

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Like talk but less

I’m a kind of person that like to talk but less talking, so my first impression always is, this guy so silent, this guy so introvert, this guy so cool, or nerd and blar blar blar… actually I like to talk but only to someone I really know or someone that have a deep common with me. I’m a passive person, so I would not talk to someone unnecessary before they open their mouth, but now I’m still in process to change my altitude because I know this is no good, I try so hard to change but the result I get is unsatisfactory. I don’t know why, I guest my look is unapproachable, is it true?
I can stay silent whole day without talking any word, if Genius World Record have “The Longest Silent” I think I can attempt to break the record. maybe some of you might think I’m weird, ya sometime I also think about this question too, I live whole almost a day that I realize, I haven’t speak out a word today yet.
But if you really know me, you might be regret it because I like to talk, you will feel annoying and vomit because I can non-stop talking, I love to share every single thing to anyone who willing the listen me, I need a listener who a bear my annoying talking skill. I think whole world is harder to find this kind of person. I love to sharing as I said before, so I actually didn’t have much secret, OH~ I’m so innocent. Even an acquaintance also might know my deep secret, and of course the top secret I wouldn’t not leak it out.Like my bank account password, I’m not a fool.

I don’t know in this world other than me, is it still have this kind of person are living in this planet?

Please kind to leave any comment…PUNCH

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August 18,International Lefthanders Days

Today is a meaningful and special day, International Lefthanders Days. Every lefthander are celebrating today despite nationality, race, and religion, as long as you are lefthander, even you’re righthander today is a good opportunity to you to experiencing doing task by using left hand. In earth only 10~12% are lefthanders, and I’m the 10~12% people in earth, I’m very proud of it.

In my family, I’m the only one who using left hand, curious huh? Me either. Maybe I thought I’m born to be a natural lefthander, I still remember since I was kids my parents are taught me to write, they are using their right hand holding my right hand and taught me wrote my name at first. But I have said I’m Natural Lefthander, this what I am, it’s nothing can change, when my parents taught me using right and I was acquire the right hand skill during that time I’m both- hander. But I feel more comfort using my left hand to doing some task, and eventually I became a pure lefthander now. If you now asking me to write with my right hand? Please spare me, it’s totally unreadable writing, I bet.

I’m very proud to be a lefthander, It make me different with other people (I don’t like same with other). But lefthander sometime still face some trouble though, for instance,  when I’m using chopsticks because of most of people are using right hand, and we might have some “chopstick fight” so many righthander don’t like side my left hand side. Even I’m a lefthander, but sometime we still have to face the reality, because most of the things are design for righthander like scissors, mouse…. but I’m still using my left hand using scissors even it’s have some difficulty for lefthander. But I’m still force to using my right hand while using mouse. Now, many stock have sell some stuff that is design for lefthander already.

I’m not feel alone because I’m lefthander, in my real life still have several of my friends are using left hand. Have a lot of famous celebrity are using left hand like me!! for instance, current American president, Barack Obama. Famous Actress, Angelina Jolie. And you guess the most famous painting “Mona Lisa” is paint by which hand? is left hand the painter ,Leonardo Da Vinci.

Most of the left hander are good in imagination, because while we are using left hand, we are using our right brain. right brain is good in imagination, intuition…. I’m really aware about it, because I’m a good in imagination. Everyday I’m live in imagine, in fact everyday I’m live in daydream.

Please kind to leave any comment at below…PUNCH

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A Mistake

This universe is not allow any mistake occur but it still exist in universe undoubtedly, How a mistake’s power? For instant, a doctor make a mistake in an operation, it might  lead a patient cannot recover from illness, more worse, died. A president make a mistake, it might affect entire citizen of an country. We sure will make mistake as long as we are human being, saint also make mistake though because they are human being too. But the cost of a mistake is bigger than we can imagine, even just a tiny mistake.

Some people said living like playing game, but they have difference, huge difference. The most advantage of playing game is when you make mistake in game you can replay it but in life once you make mistake is no way to replay it, you better prepare the consequence. Game is predictable, life is unpredictable instead. Why so many people are so addictive in game because in game always have excitement and surprise, you guess what in real life? I can staring window or a blank TV without thinking anything.

Sorry, I was a little be apart from the subject it mean to be. I always make mistake, and of course I get all of the consequence. I am a person who the didn’t care anything else, even sometime I know it might cost me trouble, and I just said whatever…whatever…whatever. And because of my behavior, my life is full of trouble around, everyday I was deal with ton of trouble. have tiny trouble and big trouble, and current I face BIG trouble because a MISTAKE.

The story is like this, now I’m still a undergraduate student… In order to deal with the expensive fee and do not add burden for my family, I have apply a loan which is PTPTN load, this loan is provide by government to give aid to student to pursuit their academic. And I’m a careless people everything I didn’t make it right. Finally, a mistake occur, it’s not a tiny mistake, it’s HUGE. Many of my friends also apply this PTPTN loan, one of them are publish status in Facebook said the loan is came out, go check you bank account balance. I was so glad to hear this new I was waiting so long, and I heading to the bank to check my account balance, the amount is shocked me, MY amount remain SAME. And I just keep relief myself said it might be late because lot of people apply, and after the three day I keep check my bank amount everyday but everyday it disappointing every time once I check the amount. After that I feel weird, so I go check my application see where did I might get wrong, and I spot my account number was WRONG. how can you imagine my feeling on that time.

I know many of you might laugh at me, I put the number in front of my debit card instead of the real account number!! How silly am I? I didn’t even what the account number look like. Who and what can I blame? I just can blame myself. So after that I keep my effort to fix the problem, I called to the authorities office to seek solution to solve it, because I do really need those the money. The officer is very kind and told the solution to me but it might cost some time to fix it. I’m really afraid I didn’t get the loan. Cause I don’t want add burden to my family.

I really hope this problem can be fix as soon as possible, and more important is to send to loan to My Bank immediately. I’m not kidding, I really feel depress in past couple week. I promise myself I will be more careful, but I just afraid I still be the same, because I am what I am. REALLY I swear to god, I will change.

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