A Mistake

This universe is not allow any mistake occur but it still exist in universe undoubtedly, How a mistake’s power? For instant, a doctor make a mistake in an operation, it might  lead a patient cannot recover from illness, more worse, died. A president make a mistake, it might affect entire citizen of an country. We sure will make mistake as long as we are human being, saint also make mistake though because they are human being too. But the cost of a mistake is bigger than we can imagine, even just a tiny mistake.

Some people said living like playing game, but they have difference, huge difference. The most advantage of playing game is when you make mistake in game you can replay it but in life once you make mistake is no way to replay it, you better prepare the consequence. Game is predictable, life is unpredictable instead. Why so many people are so addictive in game because in game always have excitement and surprise, you guess what in real life? I can staring window or a blank TV without thinking anything.

Sorry, I was a little be apart from the subject it mean to be. I always make mistake, and of course I get all of the consequence. I am a person who the didn’t care anything else, even sometime I know it might cost me trouble, and I just said whatever…whatever…whatever. And because of my behavior, my life is full of trouble around, everyday I was deal with ton of trouble. have tiny trouble and big trouble, and current I face BIG trouble because a MISTAKE.

The story is like this, now I’m still a undergraduate student… In order to deal with the expensive fee and do not add burden for my family, I have apply a loan which is PTPTN load, this loan is provide by government to give aid to student to pursuit their academic. And I’m a careless people everything I didn’t make it right. Finally, a mistake occur, it’s not a tiny mistake, it’s HUGE. Many of my friends also apply this PTPTN loan, one of them are publish status in Facebook said the loan is came out, go check you bank account balance. I was so glad to hear this new I was waiting so long, and I heading to the bank to check my account balance, the amount is shocked me, MY amount remain SAME. And I just keep relief myself said it might be late because lot of people apply, and after the three day I keep check my bank amount everyday but everyday it disappointing every time once I check the amount. After that I feel weird, so I go check my application see where did I might get wrong, and I spot my account number was WRONG. how can you imagine my feeling on that time.

I know many of you might laugh at me, I put the number in front of my debit card instead of the real account number!! How silly am I? I didn’t even what the account number look like. Who and what can I blame? I just can blame myself. So after that I keep my effort to fix the problem, I called to the authorities office to seek solution to solve it, because I do really need those the money. The officer is very kind and told the solution to me but it might cost some time to fix it. I’m really afraid I didn’t get the loan. Cause I don’t want add burden to my family.

I really hope this problem can be fix as soon as possible, and more important is to send to loan to My Bank immediately. I’m not kidding, I really feel depress in past couple week. I promise myself I will be more careful, but I just afraid I still be the same, because I am what I am. REALLY I swear to god, I will change.

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