August 18,International Lefthanders Days

Today is a meaningful and special day, International Lefthanders Days. Every lefthander are celebrating today despite nationality, race, and religion, as long as you are lefthander, even you’re righthander today is a good opportunity to you to experiencing doing task by using left hand. In earth only 10~12% are lefthanders, and I’m the 10~12% people in earth, I’m very proud of it.

In my family, I’m the only one who using left hand, curious huh? Me either. Maybe I thought I’m born to be a natural lefthander, I still remember since I was kids my parents are taught me to write, they are using their right hand holding my right hand and taught me wrote my name at first. But I have said I’m Natural Lefthander, this what I am, it’s nothing can change, when my parents taught me using right and I was acquire the right hand skill during that time I’m both- hander. But I feel more comfort using my left hand to doing some task, and eventually I became a pure lefthander now. If you now asking me to write with my right hand? Please spare me, it’s totally unreadable writing, I bet.

I’m very proud to be a lefthander, It make me different with other people (I don’t like same with other). But lefthander sometime still face some trouble though, for instance,  when I’m using chopsticks because of most of people are using right hand, and we might have some “chopstick fight” so many righthander don’t like side my left hand side. Even I’m a lefthander, but sometime we still have to face the reality, because most of the things are design for righthander like scissors, mouse…. but I’m still using my left hand using scissors even it’s have some difficulty for lefthander. But I’m still force to using my right hand while using mouse. Now, many stock have sell some stuff that is design for lefthander already.

I’m not feel alone because I’m lefthander, in my real life still have several of my friends are using left hand. Have a lot of famous celebrity are using left hand like me!! for instance, current American president, Barack Obama. Famous Actress, Angelina Jolie. And you guess the most famous painting “Mona Lisa” is paint by which hand? is left hand the painter ,Leonardo Da Vinci.

Most of the left hander are good in imagination, because while we are using left hand, we are using our right brain. right brain is good in imagination, intuition…. I’m really aware about it, because I’m a good in imagination. Everyday I’m live in imagine, in fact everyday I’m live in daydream.

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