Like talk but less

I’m a kind of person that like to talk but less talking, so my first impression always is, this guy so silent, this guy so introvert, this guy so cool, or nerd and blar blar blar… actually I like to talk but only to someone I really know or someone that have a deep common with me. I’m a passive person, so I would not talk to someone unnecessary before they open their mouth, but now I’m still in process to change my altitude because I know this is no good, I try so hard to change but the result I get is unsatisfactory. I don’t know why, I guest my look is unapproachable, is it true?
I can stay silent whole day without talking any word, if Genius World Record have “The Longest Silent” I think I can attempt to break the record. maybe some of you might think I’m weird, ya sometime I also think about this question too, I live whole almost a day that I realize, I haven’t speak out a word today yet.
But if you really know me, you might be regret it because I like to talk, you will feel annoying and vomit because I can non-stop talking, I love to share every single thing to anyone who willing the listen me, I need a listener who a bear my annoying talking skill. I think whole world is harder to find this kind of person. I love to sharing as I said before, so I actually didn’t have much secret, OH~ I’m so innocent. Even an acquaintance also might know my deep secret, and of course the top secret I wouldn’t not leak it out.Like my bank account password, I’m not a fool.

I don’t know in this world other than me, is it still have this kind of person are living in this planet?

Please kind to leave any comment…PUNCH


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