My new update, September 2011

I have been stop updating my blog for a while, it is because I have examination to go through  and a lot of stuff to do. And ya, my examination is officially end, I am so happy about that, but at the same time I kinda feel worry about that too.

Why I am said so, before exam I am totally enjoy my vacation and it so call as the study week, of course I am rational so I am controlling my self during the vacation to ensure I am not playing too hard on that, I also study during the so call vacation though. But it’s only work for few days before after that i felt my passion is getting off. And finally you guess what, I am totally playing hard on that disregarding my examination is on the corner.

Before a week exam I return to my hostel, ya a damn bored hostel. I know if I am keeping going play like that hard my exam is high probability fail or something.  So I started revision on my subject but still feel low mood. Damnit how can I do that!

And finally the exam is really approaching, I still like I lose my passion for study already my mind is only about the break after exam, and I was already planed the schedule for my break. Oh man it is damm perfect.
Thus I deserve what I did, during exam even I felt I already done enough revision about the subject but everything is not as what I expect. Ya I’m not doing very well, but also not the worse.

Final subject on the exam is done on the afternoon just now, Yahoo~ how come I can’t feel any excited about it, I really pray that my cgpa can maintain 3.0 and above that’s all I need.


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