I will miss you, Nina.

Today I’m happy and sad, happy is because one of my favorite Youtube’s channel, Geofg is uploaded his latest video. Geofg is an ordinary guy from California, US and now he is a high school teach at Japan . Originally, He upload video  at Youtube is purposely for his family and friends in US to watch his daughter, Nina living in Japan.

Couple months ago, I accidently watched one of the Nina’s video from Youtube, I found out that Nina is an adorable, innocent, and smart kid. And I subscribe Geofg’s Youtube channel to watch Nina’s latest video, his videos are inspire and motivate me, I do enjoy every video his make.Every time I feel down or unhappy I’ll watch Nina’s video, it make me smile again. Nina is a 6 years old girl from Japan, her father is American while her mother is Japanese. She love bug, swimming, and ice-cream( This is base on my observation.) her father, Geofg was started film her while she is 11month mainly for Geofg’s family and friends watch.

Now, Nina has lot of fans around the world and her Facebook’s fans page have 3000+ likes and Geofg’s Youtube channel have 17,000+ subscriber.

Where Nina is getting older, her parents are worry about the negative effect and their privacy issues that might affect Nina’s and their daily life when Nina is becoming a public figure. And Geofg had said before that they will stop film Nina when she enter elementary school. But today, his latest video “Six Years With Nina” , he mention that he was discussed his wife to keep Nina in low profile so that Nina can have an ordinary life. And they decided they will stop film Nina today onward and  “Six Years With Nina” might be the last video.

I’m stun when I hear this news, because I really hope I can able view more Nina’s video. But I know Nina’s parent are doing this for her own good. She is a amazing girl I ever seen, I swear.

I think I wouldn’t never ever found a girl like Nina, she is precious. Geofg’s video are inspire me to have a good relationship in family even I haven’t married yet, but I hope I can do better like Geofg and his family when I get married. I will miss you, Nina.

For you to view Nina’s video you can go Geofg’s Youtubechannel:http://www.youtube.com/user/geofg

Nina’s Facebook’s fans page:http://www.facebook.com/pages/We-Love-Nina-in-Japan-from-YouTube-3/117277348309219


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One Response to I will miss you, Nina.

  1. Adeline says:

    OMG yes.. i agree with you 100%. Nina is so adorable and had touched so many lives.. all the best wishes for Nina

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