My weakness, English

From my title above, you can predict this post might have a lot of grammer, structural, and etc mistake, so I beg your pardon first.

I have been learn English since I was 5 start from a,c,b , until now I have spent 75% of my lifetime to learn English but ironically, English is still my weakness. Yeah I admit that learning languages is not my gift, and I’ve difficulty in learning languages but it is not excuse. Language unlike Mathematic, Mathematic have formula and you know how it work, you be able to the the Math question, but language you have to know all the structural, grammer, arrangement and so on, it is not an easy task.

English not my native language, is second language instead. My native language is Chinese, other than that I also learn Bahasa Malaysia, so basically I know 3 languages but I can speak 5 languages, I know speak Chinese, English, Bahasa Malaysia, Cantonise, and Hokien. The other reason my English is so weak is because I have less opportunite to use English in communication cause almost all my friends and my family are using Chinese to communicate with me. The most I used English to communicate is when intrapersonal communication. Ya, is intrapersonal communication… which mean I’m talking to myself by using English, ya it is one of the way to train my English speaking skill but it is not very effective because you always know what the meaning you trying to said, so even I can speak fluent English to myself is useless. other than that I’ll always seize the opportunite to speak English, like to my lectural or order food in restaurant, I’ll try to speak English as much as I can.

Even I were learned English like 15 years, but the first 13 years is like learning nothing because I’m too arrogant. Always think that English is not important so I put less effort to learning English, and thought that my English is good enough until I went to University, I realize my English is like a bullshit just primary school standard or maybe less. So from that time I start to put much efford to learn ’em now is getting much more better, but it seem not good enough yet espcially the sentence structural and grammer.

So, I really hope anyone of you that can share your experiences, and share your little secret to boost you English level, I do really hope to get my English well.

Feel free to leave any comment below, PUNCH!


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