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This is a true story that happen on me yesterday, 3rd March. That day was a beautiful Saturday yet, the sky drizzle in the afternoon. But I barely breathing, cause I’ve a mid term test in the afternoon, and I … Continue reading

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My weakness, English

From my title above, you can predict this post might have a lot of grammer, structural, and etc mistake, so I beg your pardon first. I have been learn English since I was 5 start from a,c,b , until now I have … Continue reading

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I will miss you, Nina.

Today I’m happy and sad, happy is because one of my favorite Youtube’s channel, Geofg is uploaded his latest video. Geofg is an ordinary guy from California, US and now he is a high school teach at Japan . Originally, He … Continue reading

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My new update, September 2011

I have been stop updating my blog for a while, it is because I have examination to go through  and a lot of stuff to do. And ya, my examination is officially end, I am so happy about that, but at … Continue reading

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Like talk but less

I’m a kind of person that like to talk but less talking, so my first impression always is, this guy so silent, this guy so introvert, this guy so cool, or nerd and blar blar blar… actually I like to … Continue reading

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August 18,International Lefthanders Days

Today is a meaningful and special day, International Lefthanders Days. Every lefthander are celebrating today despite nationality, race, and religion, as long as you are lefthander, even you’re righthander today is a good opportunity to you to experiencing doing task by using … Continue reading

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A Mistake

This universe is not allow any mistake occur but it still exist in universe undoubtedly, How a mistake’s power? For instant, a doctor make a mistake in an operation, it might  lead a patient cannot recover from illness, more worse, died. A … Continue reading

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