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Tell me seriously, what did you think when you first saw this picture? a beautiful girl is singing? Ya you might right. What if I told you, the people inside the picture actually is a guy, do you believe it? He used to be a boy, but now he is a transexual, so now he/she is a transgender. But I didn’t judge on her, and hope so do you.

Her name is Nuntrita Khampriranon, while her nickname is Bell Nuntita. She is a singer, entertainer, also a DJ. When I first saw her is from a video which she is performing a song during a show, Thailand’s Got Talent. Since I first met she on video, I didn’t know she is a transgender and she using her perfect soft lady’s voice perform the song which is melting my heart. Initially I thought her singing skill is good and suddenly she change her voice to a harsh man’s voice on the halfway of her song . Honestly I didn’t my ear and eye on that time, it’s really stun, perfectly.

I’m wondering how could a boy imitate a girl’s voice so perfectly, I just have to said she is so talent, I’m appreciate her not because she is transgender but is her talent. even she is lose the Thailand’s got Talent competition.

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Depression is a state of low mood and aversion to activity that can affect a person’s thoughts, behavior, feelings and physical well-being.

I do really felt depression today, not only today but almost everyday!! It really doesn’t feel great. So, don’t let you suffer in depression.

Why I’m suffering depression today?

Indeed, I was felt depression few days ago, because of lot of test is at corner and it does really pressure me a lot. Tomorrow still got a test I hated.

More depression, when I did not reach the way I suppose to be in my test, which mean I did really bad in my test. You might not see from my face cause I’m a good poker face.

Today, I receive a text from my University administration to inform me to submit the my medical report…btw I’m not taking any course regarding medical… they want my health medical report which is suppose to submit last 9week ago LOL. cause I’m too lazy to do my medical report. Blame me, more worse it’s final notice.

I know it’s nothing to do about depression right? but don’t know why I still feel depression. maybe I’m coward.

What I  would do to get rid of depression?

Eating? Ya it is a part of it, I used to eat a lot during depression but sometime it’s not very effectively. The more effective way to get rid of depression (my opinion) is listen music and sing, I do feel better when I sing loudly in my room, when you see me singing in my room you might think that I’m crazy, because I do crazy when I was singing. LOL. but I will not allow any body saw me singing, It’s awkward.

What you would do to get rid of depression?

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My first post

I’m thinking what I suppose to post on my first post… It consume me almost half day to think about this question. When we first met a people what we will said? instead of hi, hey, yo,…what’s up this lame sentence.

We will introduce our self right?And I know some of you wouldn’t do this (Include my self)

So, on my first post I would like to introduce my self…actually in my reality life I would not often to do so, even some of my friend didn’t know me well, more worse acquaintance  didn’t even know MY NAME even they met me couple time ago.T.T

I admit it, I’m introvert and I don’t like to talk to some one I’m not close enough, if you really close enough with me you might know I’m such a non-stop talking person,TEEHEE …

Okay, start my LAME introduction.

First of all, my Chinese name is Ong Kai Cheng while my English is call Alen, cool huh? I know you might wondering am I spell wrong in my English name?  because it is used to be Alan or Allen. The answer is NO, in my opinion no such thing is wrong spelling in name, you can create whatever name as you like, for instance, CABBU,NMANI, or even ASDF as long as you can pronounce it.

Okay, I confess I did spell wrong initially due to my poor English, but sometime wrong bring good…It distinguish me from other people, look more difference and unit (btw I don’t like same with other and this is me^^), and I search Google  I did found some people are sharing same name with me which mean I didn’t spell wrong the name is really exist, Yahoo…btw I’m not purposely create an English name for my self, I got this name by my babysitter when I was kids because my babysitter said my Chinese name is to hard to pronounce, is it truth? SOB… only my family and my parent’s friends are calling my English name, my friend is rare call my English, even most of them are didn’t aware I have English name…Sad or Happy?

Oh my god, why I’m keeping talking my English name is it any specious? I also don’t know =.=” I don’t know what issue it lead me to this way. but I think my first post just keep talking about my name, sorry if it is lame…

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